Letter: Assessing the Iran deal

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Regarding Brandon Gauthier’s letter (Monitor, May 12), I believe that he missed several key points about the Iran nuclear deal.

First, while the expressed intention of the deal was to eliminate Iran’s weapons program, it only delayed it for 10 years.

Second, Iran has been, shall we say, hesitant to allow access to the international inspectors.

Third, the option of reinstating sanctions was taken off the table. With no “stick,” why should the mullahs comply with restrictions?

Fourth, with the transfer of $1,700,000,000 in untraceable cash that was completely unrelated to the release of four American prisoners, Iran has some pocket money to buy more nuclear materials. (Wasn’t it Iran that invaded our embassy and took 54 people hostage for 444 days? Nice guys.)

Fifth, the Iran nuclear program deal was never submitted to Congress for ratification.

Sixth, overall, the United States had followed through on one or two past commitments. like rebuilding Europe, providing military protection to Europe, significant international aid to dozens of countries and entities, including some who want to kill us (and have done so).

It looks like we are pretty reliable folks to deal with.