My Turn: State deserves a true representative

  • Lawrence

For the Monitor
Wednesday, September 07, 2016

In New Hampshire, we have a long tradition of citizen legislators. With two-year terms and small districts, our system is designed to keep legislators in close contact with the people they represent. Our Legislature is – by design – made up of business owners and their employees; professionals and tradesmen; recent college graduates, stay-at-home parents and retirees.

Washington, unfortunately, is made up almost entirely of professional politicians, lobbyists and bureaucrats. The difference is striking. The New Hampshire Legislature is responsive and in tune with the people. Congress is broken and out of touch.

I served as a state representative and worked hard to represent my constituents. I held the line on spending, fought to cut taxes and helped balance the budget. Then, after serving three terms in the New Hampshire House, I returned to private life.

Now, however, I can no longer sit on the sidelines. We need a new generation of leadership in Washington. We need citizen-legislators who understand the everyday concerns of the people they represent. We need leaders who will stand on principle, even if it means standing up to their own party.

As a young man, I graduated from the United States Air Force Academy and proudly served in the Air Force. After my active duty service, I started a successful small business that cuts wasteful spending from the federal government. I am the son of a 35-year law enforcement officer and the father of eight children.

This year I have re-entered politics and seek the Republican nomination for Congress, driven not by ambition, but out of a sincere concern for the direction we’re headed as a country.

New Hampshire has a low unemployment rate, but too many people are insecure in their jobs or “under-employed” in positions that don’t fully utilize their skills. Worse, many families live paycheck-to-paycheck, unable to plan for retirement, save for college for their kids, or even pay off their own student debt. Our first priority must be to create new jobs and empower businesses to increase wages and provide better benefits for their employees.

In order to expand our economy, we must reduce the size and intrusiveness of the federal government. We need to reduce taxes on families so they can keep more of what they earn and be able to save or spend their money as they see fit. We need to reduce taxes on businesses so they have more capital to expand and grow. We need to reduce the burdensome regulation and red-tape that stifles entrepreneurship. We need to end deficit spending and reduce the debt – a debt which has now grown to $19.2 trillion, or nearly $60,000 for every man, woman and child.

By keeping more tax money and power here in New Hampshire, we will see rapid job growth and renewed competition among businesses for employees. That competition will invariably lead to higher wages for everyone. Families will once again have the financial security they work so hard for and deserve.

Over the past months, I have traveled the 2nd Congressional District, from Coos County to Concord, from Nashua to Keene. On the stump, in small groups and at county fairs, I have listened to voters. Overwhelmingly, people are upset at Washington politics, worried about their families and concerned that no one is fighting for them.

We need someone to represent us in Congress who will be a true citizen-legislator, someone who has created jobs, raised a family and understands the meaning of service. We need that person to go to Washington, fight for us and then come home.

I hope to earn the support and the trust of the voters of the 2nd Congressional District. I will never betray that trust.

(Jim Lawrence of Hudson is a Republican candidate for U.S. representative in District 2.)