Judge grants stalking protective orders against ex-Patriot

  • Gregory Spires, 44, of Cypress, Texas, is facing a misdemeanor stalking charge in Concord's district court.

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Published: 5/17/2019 6:04:43 PM
Modified: 5/17/2019 6:04:31 PM

A Concord judge granted Thursday final protective orders in two stalking cases filed against former New England Patriot Gregory Spires by his ex-wife and teenage daughter.

The orders will remain in effect for one year or until May 15, 2020, and prohibit Spires from being within 500 feet of his ex-wife and daughter, including in proximity to their home, places of employment and Concord High School. As a condition of the orders, Spires must relinquish all firearms.

“The Court finds that the defendant’s conduct, in contacting both the plaintiff and the parties’ daughter, and the actions he undertook, notwithstanding both of their requests of him to stay away from them caused them to fear for their safety,” Marital Master Thomas Cooper wrote Thursday. “There can perhaps be no greater fear to be experienced than that of a parent whose child’s health, safety, welfare or emotional well being is being threatened by another human being or event.”

Cooper issued his recommendation to grant final protective orders in both cases after presiding over lengthy civil hearings during which all three parties testified. Judge Erin B. McIntyre signed off on those recommendations Thursday.

Spires, 44, of Cypress, Texas, appeared in court Tuesday for the restraining order proceedings shackled and wearing an orange T-shirt and sweatpants provided by the county jail. He has remained in state custody since May 10, when police arrested him on a misdemeanor stalking charge, accusing him of violating one of the orders the day after he was served.

Spires, who is remarried, told the court he made the decision to fly to the Granite State last week to see his daughter play sports after learning through a Google search that she attends Concord High. But he didn’t tell his daughter or ex-wife about the trip; instead, he just showed up at Memorial Field on May 8 with his wife and two sons.

Seated feet away from her estranged father in court Tuesday, the girl told Cooper she was terrified to see Spires, whom she hadn’t spoken to in years and didn’t want a relationship with now.

“Why suddenly after eight years of not seeing Greg Spires was he there?” she asked. “I was frightened for my life and especially for my mother’s life because of past domestic violence I’ve seen with my own eyes.”

Spires and the girl’s mother divorced in 2007 but contentious family court battles and financial disputes wage on.

The mother and daughter relocated to the Granite State from the Boston area almost three years ago after their home was broken into and around the same time Spires threatened his ex-wife by text. A copy of the text provided Tuesday to Cooper reads: “This will not get better for you only worse. If you’re thinking about leaving you better go now. I’m coming!!!”

The girl and her mother said they’ve felt safe in New Hampshire until Spires showed up unannounced last week. Upon seeing her father face-to-face at Memorial Field, she immediately phoned her mother in a panic and asked for Concord police to respond. However, police said they could only ask and not force Spires to leave on May 8 because there was no protective order in place at the time.

The next day, Spires’s ex-wife and daughter went to Concord’s district court to each file stalking petitions against him. When the girl returned to the field on May 9, Spires, who had planned to watch a second sporting event, was quickly served the paperwork and told to leave school property.

A provision in the petition taken out by his daughter prohibited him from being on school grounds. But Spires told Cooper he neglected to read the order and showed up May 10 at Concord High to meet the principal and request copies of his daughter’s grades. His plans to fly back home to Texas later that day were thwarted when police took him into custody for the violation.

Spires apologized Tuesday in court.

“I’m sorry for breaking the restraining order,” he said while seated before Cooper. “I’ve never been arrested. It was an honest mistake. I take pride in keeping my nose clean.”

Spires’s ex-wife had also requested a final restraining order against Spires’s current wife, Alzadia, but the court dismissed that case Thursday. Cooper found that the alleged acts didn’t meet the state’s definition of stalking.

Spires is next scheduled to appear June 11 in Concord in the criminal case.

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