Letter: School choice bill would undermine public education

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

SB 193, the school voucher bill, will undermine public education in New Hampshire by channeling taxpayer money to private, religious schools. It should be defeated.

“Americans for Prosperity,” a Koch brothers funded group claims that this bill will help New Hampshire families. This claim is untrue. Rather, the bill will take up to $3 million from our already strained public schools. The 93% of New Hampshire children who go to public schools will have fewer resources available for their education. Special education students will be especially at risk because they have to waive their legal protections if they use the vouchers.

New Hampshire taxpayer dollars will be funneled, with little accountability, to support private schooling. New Hampshire families will likely end up paying more in local property taxes to make up for the loss of funding to assure that their public schools are adequate. How does this “help New Hampshire families”?

Public money should be spent for public good. Contact your state representative to vote against this bill. It will be voted on early in January.

Kathleen Bollerud