Letter: State Senate candidate for broadband

Monday, August 13, 2018

Broadband connectivity is something seldom thought of outside of the North Country. Connection to the internet and reliable cell phone service are things that we take for granted in every other part of the country, but it matters up here.

Lack of broadband is primarily an economic issue. For the high school senior who wants to apply to college or fill out job applications. For someone that wants to start a small business and run it out of their home but can’t due to lack of broadband, it’s an issue. It’s dissuading to companies looking to start new businesses in Plymouth.

Broadband connectivity isn’t just a material comfort; it’s a sign of inclusion in the 21st-century economy the way buying a Model-T in the 1910s or a refrigerator in the 1950s was. Your quality of life shouldn’t be defined by your ZIP code.

One of my proudest moments of my career was creating a municipal broadband network as director of the Division of Vital Records Administration. The software that I developed allowed all 234 incorporated cities and towns in New Hampshire to access our software in a comprehensive and efficient way. Although I retired 9 years ago, that program is still running.

As the next senator for District 2, I’ll work in the same way I did during my career to make sure that all Granite Staters have the same quality of life and economic opportunity that comes with broadband connectivity and reliable cell phone service.