Letter: A note to Humpty Trumpty

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

This is a letter to Humpty Trumpty, “The king of debt.”

How can you reduce the corporate tax rate by 40 percent? Who dreamed up that number?

I know, the king and his court; the lobbyists for big oil, big Pharma, big insurance, etc.  Why do they need tax relief when they are making record profits and hurting us, the serfs, every time we go to the market for food, fuel or medicine? Greed.

Are corporations people? Or is that still being debated?

“We the people” (more than 60 percent) are outraged at this tax plan, that so blatantly, favors the mega rich and corporations. The supporters of this tax reform bill in Congress and our ‘businessman’ leader will feel the wrath of their constituents come re-election time, though it would be better now.

Talk to your representatives in “court,” tell them we don’t want this country to go bankrupt.

The ‘King’ is expert at that.

Sandra Burt