Letter: Follow the money from Russia to U.S. politics

Published: 8/11/2018 7:22:52 PM

How come, after Donald Trump sided with Vladimir Putin’s denial of election interference rather than siding with the U.S. intelligence community, Republicans did these things:

First, they blocked additional funding to increase election security.

Second, they voted to not allow Congress to question Trump’s translator about the meeting with Putin to find out what happened during the meeting – we still do not know.

Third, they blocked Congress from investigating NRA ties to Russian money, evidence of which exists and under a new Treasury Department rule, announced just hours after Maria Butina’s arrest, the NRA no longer has to report its large donors to the IRS.

Follow the money folks, the dark, dark money flowing from Russia right into American politics. Russia used to be an enemy. While improving relations with Russia might be a good thing if the U.S. benefits from that as a country, the current format of “improved” relations benefits only the Russians. Russia is undermining our democracy, and apparently it has the GOP Congress in its pocket.



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