Letter: Kate Vaughn for Concord School Board

Published: 10/19/2020 6:01:53 PM

We write asking you to vote for Kate Vaughn for the Concord School Board in District C, Wards 8, 9, and 10. As thankful parents who have raised four children through the Concord School District, we believe Kate Vaughn is the right person, at the right time, with the right experience.

Kate is a candidate who has been a teacher, holding a Master’s in Education. Kate has experience, serving on the Manchester School Board prior to moving to Concord years ago. Kate is also a practiced attorney who has personally drafted the same type of policies that our board is currently working on related to reporting requirements and boundary setting, and she has counseled and trained staff on these same types of policies. Most importantly to us, Kate is the person that understands the community’s needs and will set strategy and direction and hold our school district accountable to the needs and safety for all students, families and educators.

Many of us say we believe in equity for all and have a desire to do something to make a difference in our community. Well, here is a chance to do something. Vote for Kate and you will be voting to prioritize equity and equality, be it based on race, gender identity, national origin, sexual orientation, learning style and ability, or socioeconomics. Having worked professionally with Kate for the past eight years, we know her character and we trust her to lead Concord in a direction we all can be proud of.

While our four children were fortunate to have been taught by many great and likeable teachers like others running for the board, we are voting for Kate Vaughn as Kate is the right person, at the right time, with the right experience.

Timothy Donlon


Concord Monitor Office

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