Letter: A shameful act by Trump

Sunday, October 08, 2017

I am so tired of this president and his lack of respect, empathy, and understanding of we the people.”

His performance in San Juan, Puerto Rico, was shameful and an embarrassment to all of us. The comments were disgraceful and demeaning. Why was he talking about “my” people and “your” people as if the people of Puerto Rico were foreign and not part of “this” country?

How did the idea of comparing the dead between Katrina and Maria enter his head? Was the total of 16 lost lives too few to warrant involvement of the federal government? What was the point of that comment?

What was the point of the side discussion about military spending and a new airplane with the air force representative? Did he forget where he was or why he was there?

Who said it would be “cute” to throw rolls of paper towels to a crowd of hurricane victims? Did he think this was a “spectator sport”? What are people supposed to do with a roll of paper towels? Is this the response he’s offering?

Where is the reality check for this administration? Surely someone in the White House has sense enough to say this is wrong. This is just wrong on every level.

Maureen Ellermann