Letter: Students should vote where they study

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

One of the claims made by the sponsors of HB 372 bill is that students aren’t being disenfranchised because they can vote by absentee ballot in their home state. As a person who traveled 1,800 miles away from my home to go to college, I started reflecting on that claim and found it utterly unrealistic.

We are in transition when we are in college. I was emerging from being a child into becoming a young adult. When I was in college I began to prepare for my adult life but my child life was still back in my home state. So to be forced to vote absentee ballot in my home state would have been requiring me to go back to my childhood self and make decisions. However, my child self wasn’t concerned about politics. I was concerned about school, dating, grades, getting into college, the prom, and other high school concerns. I could not have told you who was mayor of my town or listed the greatest political issues facing my state. I didn’t focus on that. I was a child.

It’s in college and when we’re 18 that we come of age and that’s why we don’t vote until that age. To ask students to vote back in their home state is to ask them to vote in ignorance of any of their state’s issues as well as going back to their child understanding of the world. This is nonsense. College students who live here should vote here.

Wayne Fuller