Letter: The sad state of Northern Pass

Monday, February 12, 2018

Northern Pass and Eversource have a judgment problem.

Eight years ago they rolled into New Hampshire threatening imminent domain if we yokels did not embrace their solution to our energy cost problem. They didn’t do their homework and found that we could stop their imminent domain strategy with law.

That led to a $80 million strategy disguised as a community outreach and ratepayer savings plan. Sounded good, until the adjudicative hearings showed those savings to be $5 per year per average ratepayer. So where did the other $70 million go?

They said full burial was not viable, but then miraculously, burying 52 of the 192 total miles would be viable for $1.6 billion. Full burial however, would cost an additional $1 billion and therefore not viable. Okay, viability became a matter of $1 billion.

After months of testimony and cross examination, their lowest bidding, high priced discredited experts failed to convince the Site Evaluation Committee that this project would not significantly impact property values, tourism, local businesses and regional development. Sad.

You have been denied by unanimous SEC vote. Calling for a revote in the next weeks will not change the outcome of months of deliberations. It is also laughable to think that one appellate Supreme Court judge will sift through thousands of evidentiary documents and nullify the decision of seven dedicated committee members.

While the New England Clean Power Link, Maine Green Line and the National Grid projects gained public acceptance, Eversource became a laughing stock and a colossal example of how “not to get it done,” expensively.

Taras Kucman