Letter: Don’t fall into trap of fear-mongering

Monday, February 12, 2018

In the Monitor, (“Transgender protection effort renewed,” Feb. 1), Mark Warren and Beth Scaer said they weren’t afraid for themselves, but were for their children, should transgender people be allowed in bathrooms of their true gender, particularly male-to-female, since they worry about child molestation.

Of course we all want our children protected from predators; yet those objections fly in the face of reality. Predominantly, molesters are family members or close friends, coaches or clergy: cisgender, straight men. Even without this bill, there’s nothing to stop a pedophile from dressing like a women to gain entrance to bathrooms.

Before voting on any bill, it would be wise for lawmakers to study the circumstances and statistics surrounding issues, not bend to fears based on ignorance, prejudice or religious fanaticism. According to the Human Rights Campaign, 25 transgender people were reported murdered in 2017, and many go unreported. This doesn’t account for the physical and emotional violence, being denied housing and jobs, and the increase in suicides from desperation.

It is out of ignorance that people believe being LGBTQI equates with unbridled, predatory lust. Like cisgendered people, one’s sexuality is a small part of who a person is, and those holding onto that falsehood perpetuate the stigma.

Fearmongers, please stop going all Grimm Brothers here: Transgender people won’t be putting on Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother’s nightclothes to devour your children. Rather, this bill is a humanizing step for those who would be denied human rights, and worse, driven to suicide and being murdered.

Darlene Olivo