Letter: Liberals are blind to modern signs of racial equality

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

A recent column of mine pointed out that racism is no longer an important factor in American life. Letter writer George Chase III of Warner countered that an African American man in Boston “is about three times more likely to be rejected for a mortgage than his white counterpart.” That’s a sign of racism, he said.

No it isn’t. If both applicants have similar employment, income, and family situations, and neither one has a police record, you can bet that the mortgage officer would gladly provide mortgages to both parties, not just because she would want to, but also because the liberal press is prone to label people racist at the drop of a hat. The loan officer might well be a black person herself.

By far the most important cause of the disparity between white and black people is the government policies that are not intended to hurt the poor but in the long run hurt them anyway. I count over twenty such policies. Fifteen I have cited in these columns (which can be read at archierichards.blogspot.com). Others I will describe in the future.

Advertisements are telling. Until about 1960, when America was indeed racist, black people were usually shown in ads as subservient to white people. Now, television ads show black people as equals. Liberals seem unaware of how much America has changed.

Archie Richards