Letter: Bill addresses the dangers of lead

Thursday, December 28, 2017

It looks like it is shaping up to be a very busy first week back for the New Hampshire Legislature. One of the bills that I’ll be watching closely the first week of January is SB 247 relative to preventing childhood lead poisoning. As a special education teacher, I’ve seen the neurotoxic effects of lead on the developing brain and the lasting impact it can have.

Lead accumulates in all our bodies but has an increased impact on children’s bodies. Exposure to small amounts of lead over time can mean a long-term accumulation of lead in a child, raising the child’s risk of learning, attention or behavior issues.

New Hampshire has older housing stock. As a former landlord, I understand the costs associated with remediation but collectively we are already paying for the consequences of lead exposure in children – not to mention the opportunity cost of children not meeting their full potential because of exposure to this potent neurotoxin. Please join me in calling for the passage of SB 247.

Jonathan Sadowski