Letter: Looking to 2022

Published: 3/17/2021 7:43:25 PM

I was a supporter of Trump’s vision of America First and the policies he was able to enact while in office.

The wall remains absolutely necessary to stem the tide of immigrants entering illegally. COVID-19 became a pandemic. A program to develop a vaccine named Warp Speed was ordered. Less than a year later, vaccinations began. Fast forward to the Nov. 3 election. The votes came in and Trump lost. There was never an official investigation, but it appeared that several states arbitrarily, against their own laws, chose to make it easier to vote because of the COVID restrictions. Poll watchers signed affidavits and swore that they had witnessed illegal activities.

If they had investigated, a different outcome may have prevented the takeover of the Capitol Building on Jan. 6. The mid-term 2022 elections are coming. It is so important that any doubt of the results be trusted. That means all the criticisms of election fraud and broken election laws by the states be corrected. We cannot have this ever happen again. This is about election integrity. The bedrock of our democracy.

Dave Sandoe


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