Letter: The ruling class maintains its grip

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

To quote Genie from the Disney animated classic “Aladdin” – “Yes, he can be taught!”

While I must have been listening to a different State of the Union address than the one Robert Azzi listened to, I agree with the title of his opinion piece that “The veneer of civilization is paper thin.” Our past is a witness to the human condition that appears to be bent on self-destruction, especially when the rules and etiquette of the civilized world are taken away.

I was especially encouraged by Mr. Azzi leveling criticism at the Democrats for their lack of respect for the office of the president and their lack of a united response to the State of the Union. Like Azzi, I also do not want to hear from anyone named “Sanders, Clinton, or Kennedy” as well as Bush. Recognizing one’s own faults as well as those of others, is the first step to abandoning useless bickering, name calling and dysfunctionality, and instead embracing each other’s strengths and weaknesses so that we can form a more perfect union.

Washington is indeed a mess. However, when one group questions the authority and legitimacy of the Democratic and Republican committees of the establishment party, i.e. the ruling class, to continue their stranglehold on America, one can expect them to fight mightily to defend their continuing hold on power through whatever means are expedient. These means are not necessarily right, just, or civilized. They frequently will be dishonest and corrupt to promote the greater and continuing good…of the establishment party.

Andrew J. Sharpe