Letter: Know the back story on Russia dossier

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

I continue to find alternative facts on this page from those whose only source of “news” appears to be somewhat limited.

Take Al Goodwin’s letter of Feb. 7. Mr. Goodwin asserts the investigation into possible Russian collusion with the Trump campaign was the result of the “phony” Chris Steele dossier. First, it was an earlier tip from an Australian diplomat regarding George Papadopoulos that persuaded the FBI to start its probe. As regards Steele and his dossier, Chris was British MI6’s principal Russian operative. He was also advisor to two British prime ministers and an American president, and he was considered a long trusted source by both the FBI and CIA. And the dossier? In the course of doing opposition research for Fusion GPS, Steele was finding information he found so troubling, he believed it necessary to go around his boss and directly to the FBI, which he did, eventually, through John McCain. One of his most disturbing finds: that Putin himself had directed his people to put their finger on the scale in Trump’s favor. Mr. Goodwin really should make an effort to expand his sources. It couldn’t hurt.

Jay B. Welsh