Letter: We the People should rule

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Throughout recorded human history there has been an ongoing struggle between the rulers and the ruled. The rulers have been the wealthy, powerful elite, and the ruled have been the working classes and the poor.

The American Revolution was a time when the ruled rose up to take control of their destiny from the King of England and his wealthy patrons. It is time for We the People to rise again.

Today’s rulers are the huge Wall Street banks, the energy monopolies, health care profiteers, the military-industrial complex, and their corporate media. They control our government through “the best politicians money can buy” who are funded by legal bribes from political action committees and wealthy donors.

The silent majority gives its consent to the rule of this corrupt status quo by remaining meek, disorganized, uninformed and uninvolved. The New Hampshire Community Rights Network​ is working to revitalize our democracy by empowering every city and town with the right of local control.

The​​ Community Rights Amendment (CACR 19) has been introduced by Rep. Ellen Read of Newmarket, and eight other sponsors to give people the right​ to stop corporate exploitation that harms our communities​. Whether it be Northern Pass, dredging ​​Great Bay, gas pipelines or toxic sludge dumping, the local voters should have, and will have, the​ right to pass ​​ordinances that protect the​ health, safety, and welfare of people and nature.

Peter A. White


(White is a board member of the NH Community Rights Network.)

61 White’s Grove Road, Nottingham (895-3857)