Letter: Cavanaugh stands with N.H. workers

Tuesday, July 03, 2018

In November, State Sen. Kevin Cavanaugh of District 16 will be up for re-election. Cavanaugh’s record of fighting for blue collar workers and aiming to stimulate the economy stands in stark contrast to his Republican opponents who merely watch out for their wealthy donors.

Cavanaugh has spent his professional life working for the betterment of New Hampshire’s working families. His history as a Union Member taught him to appreciate the importance of reforming our pension system to ensure that all families are repaid for their service to the state, receiving a pension they have earned.

Along with pension reform, Cavanaugh’s tireless efforts to modernize New Hampshire’s economy should excite voters. In the face of Republican opposition, Cavanaugh co-sponsored and fought for a workforce training bill that would have expanded vocational options for high school seniors, created recruitment programs for up-and coming workers, and strengthened certificate programming and occupational skills training for jobs in high demand. The bill’s defeat will not deter Cavanaugh’s drive to support New Hampshire workers in future legislative sessions. He will fight for blue-collar workers and continue to work to create programs necessary to help everyone get the jobs they need and keep our economy moving.

His other priorities include fighting the opioid crisis by expanding access to treatment and recovery services and providing New Hampshire police, EMTs, and firefighters with the resources and training they need to fight the crisis. Voters should join me in November, heading to the polls to ensure his re-election.

Janine Woodworth