Letter: Las Vegas East?

Thursday, October 12, 2017
Las Vegas East?

New Hampshire Motor Speedway is owned by a foreign conglomerate that has no base or roots in New Hampshire.

While it is often said that we lost “our” September NASCAR race, in fact the corporation simply moved its race from its owned track in Loudon to its owned racetrack in Las Vegas.

The trade? To “fill the revenue gap” from the removal of the NASCAR race, install a three-day music concert exported to Loudon from, well, Las Vegas, produced by the self same Live Nation, the concert production that resulted in the tragic recent Las Vegas event.

The devastation of Las Vegas to so many people, and to our nation, is beyond words. But what lessons shall we learn from this?

One survivor of the Las Vegas massacre stated that the Live Nation concert was the only concert to which he would allow his family to attend, as there was such good police and security control. Fast-forward to plunking this concert into rural Loudon and Canterbury.

As a near lifelong resident of the area, often roaming the forest over the years, I establish that there is no meaningful security perimeter surrounding the proposed Loudon Live Nation concert venue. In contrast to the “secure” Las Vegas concert facility, in Loudon anyone with evil intent and reasonable skills can penetrate the perimeter.

Plopping Live Nation into rural Loudon and Canterbury by a corporate conglomerate is inappropriate and a danger to us all.