Letter: Marijuana lies

Published: 1/11/2019 12:01:05 AM

In fifth grade, police officer David Toma came to our school to talk about marijuana. Very disturbing images for my child mind. In eighth grade, health class taught us marijuana would harm our bodies and cause us to fail at our life goals.

But between fifth grade and eighth grade, this pre-internet loner hung out in the library. There I discovered the actual, published studies. None of the evidence supported the information I’d been told. The typical-pattern user was statistically indistinguishable from the non-user. Knowingly or not, my teachers had, simply put, lied to us.

Carl Sagan, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs – all used marijuana. Myself, and many of the smartest, most successful, most compassionate, most talented people I know.

It is no longer acceptable to oppress people because they believe in the wrong God, or no God at all. So much so that we forget this was a real problem. It is no longer acceptable to imprison people for who they marry – be they the “wrong” race, the “wrong” gender, the “wrong” anything. None of your business.

I will no longer tolerate being spoken to by prohibitionists in that menacing tone of voice. You shall not threaten myself nor my loved ones with imprisonment, fines, nor any other retribution. You will treat us with the same dignity and deference afforded to all people who (to paraphrase Jefferson) neither break your leg nor pick your pocket.



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