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Judge: Concord High shooting threat suspect not competent to stand trial

  • Kyle Slogic

  • Brandon Foster

Monitor staff
Published: 5/10/2020 6:28:31 PM

A judge has dismissed all charges against a 22-year-old found not competent to stand trial on charges alleging he threatened to “shoot up” Concord High School.

The court further concluded that Kyle Slogic – who has diagnoses of an intellectual disability and an unspecified neurocognitive disorder – cannot be restored to legal competency within the next 12 months.

Merrimack County Superior Court Judge Richard McNamara recently ordered Slogic to remain in state custody for up to 90 days to determine the appropriateness of involuntary mental health treatment. He concluded that Slogic is a danger to himself and to others.

McNamara cited in his order an evaluation performed by forensic psychologist Dr. Tiffany Piascik, who testified during an April 20 court hearing that Slogic is presently unable to properly assist in his defense and understand the criminal proceedings. She also reported that Slogic has a history of aggressive behavior and difficulty regulating his emotions and controlling his impulses.

Slogic, of Newbury, was initially charged with felony criminal threatening and misuse of a computer or computer network for tampering with a former Concord High student’s Facebook account whose page the shooting threat appeared on this past October. Policed alleged at the time that Slogic was seeking revenge against a relative whose account he compromised.

A grand jury never indicted Slogic as prosecutors missed the 90-day window to bring the case forward. However, the charges were dismissed without prejudice, meaning prosecutors could re-file them in the future. A misdemeanor computer crimes charge was also dropped.

According to court records, Slogic faced unrelated counts of aggravated felonious sexual assault and indecent exposure in Merrimack County, but those too were dismissed as part of the competency proceedings. An indecent exposure case is still pending against Slogic in Grafton County, where he stands accused of sending unsolicited photos of himself to female juveniles. However, attorneys have raised issues of competency in that case, as well.

While proceedings against Slogic are not moving forward, criminal charges against his co-defendant in the Concord High case will resolve next month with a plea deal.

The specifics of the agreement reached between prosecutors and co-defendant Brandon Foster have not been publicly disclosed. Foster, 19, of Pittsfield was indicted on a felony count of accomplice to criminal threatening, alleging he worked with Slogic to threaten violence against Concord High by posting on Sunday, Oct. 27, “Shootin up CHS needin whip.”

On the same day the threat appeared on social media, Concord police deemed it not credible. Even so, more than 200 students chose not to attend classes at the high school that Monday.

Foster is scheduled to appear for a plea and sentencing hearing on June 8.

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