Merrimack County District 17 NH

Concord Ward 8 (one seat)
Wednesday, November 02, 2016
Merrimack County District 17

Democratic incumbent Dick Patten is uncontested.



Dick Patten

Party: Democrat

Age: 64

Town of residence: Concord Ward 8

Occupation: Disability

Incumbent? If so, how many terms? 3 terms

Do you support commuter rail funding? I would like to see the federal funds that are available accepted to do the study on the shape of the tracks, then I would like to explore joint venture between local and state funding; I feel there is a need for commuter rail in N.H.

Do you support providing more state money for higher education? Increasing state funding to universities and colleges in N.H. will promote the desire for students to attend college in N.H. and help to reduce the tuition costs and student loans.

Do you support pro-gun legislation, such as constitutional carry? Yes I do support pro-gun legislation. I feel that they should not restrict people from being able to carry however, everyone should have a background, criminal record check.

Do you support reauthorizing Medicaid expansion? Yes, I do support this. While there are pros and cons, I have seen where some people could not afford any medical insurance and this helped them get it. The downside is some of the medical facilities.

Do you support increasing the minimum wage? Yes, I do support the increasing of the minimum wage. It is sad that some people are working at a low wage and trying to support a family. I also would like a study done about children of family members who work in a family-owned business and get nothing or $1 an hour.

Do you support marijuana legalization or decriminalization? I support medical marijuana legalization. I do support decriminalization for marijuana.

What would you like voters to know about your philosophy, principles or priorities? I am a moderate Democrat in that I would like to listen to all sides before I cast my vote. I also am looking into decisions that affect the special needs, handicapped, disabled who are often forgotten. I welcome my voters in Ward 8 to contact me any time with their opinions or concerns. I do my research before I vote on bills in my committee or in session.