State Rep. races: Merrimack County District 8 (Boscawen)

Boscawen (one seat)
Wednesday, November 02, 2016
Merrimack County District 8

Democratic incumbent Caroletta Alicea faces Robert Forsythe, a Republican, in a rematch from 2014.

Caroletta Alicea

Party: Democratic

Age: 65

Town of Residence: Boscawen 

Occupation: Business Owner

Incumbent? If so, how many terms: 2

Do you support commuter rail funding?: Yes, I support commuter rail funding as I believe it would make it more attractive for young people to return , stay and work in N.H. as well as lessen wear and tear on our roads.

Do you support providing more state money for higher education?: Yes, I support funding higher education. However, I'm concerned that with increased funding tuition retirement costs and health benefits will continue to rise making the situation a catch 22.

Do you support pro-gun legislation, such as constitutional carry?: I believe that persons who have the proper, up-to-date background checks and permits have the right to bear arms.

Do you support reauthorizing Medicaid expansion?: Yes, I support the reauthorization of Medicaid expansion as it has allowed more New Hampshire residents to obtain medical attention and not just seek help through the ER.

Do you support increasing the minimum wage?: Increasing the minimum wage is necessary to broaden the quality of life and provide more opportunity to get ahead.

Do you support marijuana legalization or decriminalization?: I support both legalization for small amounts and medical and lesser sentencing for smaller amounts.

What would you like voters to know about your philosophy, principles or priorities?: I believe in family first. If home is not right, in my opinion, nothing else will be. The strength and firm beliefs in doing the right thing start at home. Communication is key. I comfortably am able to communicate and listen to others being honest and true to self, family, and community is a trait of which I carry with pride. It is with pride that I can say I have and will continue to work hard to establish safety, communication and educational advantages for all children and families. Tomorrow matters and I will do what it takes to make a positive difference in our community.

Robert Forsythe