N.H. school closes off 8 classrooms after bat guano problems

Associated Press
Thursday, December 07, 2017

A Merrimack elementary school is working on repairs after it closed eight classrooms due to a report of an odor that was later identified as bat guano.

The Telegraph of Nashua reported that a teacher first noticed the odor around Nov. 21 at the James Mastricola Upper Elementary School in Merrimack.

Maintenance crews thought it was a dead mouse, then called in a company that found bat feces in a cavity between an exterior brick wall and an inside block. Crews have tented off the outside wall, removed bricks, and sealed off affected areas.

The plan is to have repairs done and the area sanitized within a couple of weeks, officials said.

No bats have been discovered yet, but the plan is to install tubes with a one-way gate so any bats still in the building can fly out but can’t get back in.