Letter: If you can, vote for Messmer

Published: 8/24/2018 12:01:24 AM

Back in 2011 my town was redistricted from the 1st Congressional District to the 2nd Congressional District. Because my heart is still in CD 1, I am watching that Democratic primary with a sense of distress: There are so many candidates, and while there are some who would be good choices in another time, but not in the midst of the environmental and political disasters we are enduring, some of them are just okay and some of them are truly disgraceful. (Maura Sullivan and Levi Sanders, are you listening? This citizen dislikes carpetbaggers.)

But there is one candidate in 1st District I’d give my eyeteeth to vote for (that’s an old folk saying), a scientist who has the skills, the knowledge, the tenacity, and the moral and ethical values we so desperately need in that mess of a Congress we have in D.C. That is Mindi Messmer. She has a stellar record in the N.H. House and has proved over the past months that she can stick to her principles: honesty, frugality, scientific rigor and a drive to help the people of New Hampshire and our country deal with the horrible mess we have made of our environment.

I can’t vote for her, because she won’t be on my ballot. I plead with the good people of the 1st Congressional District to put her on the ballot for November and send this strong public servant to be part of a Congress that will actually work for us.



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