Letter: Sadly, ‘Monitor’ ignored 9/11 anniversary

Published: 9/16/2020 12:01:16 AM

I am sad. I am sadder that it is 9/11. I am saddest that the Concord Monitor chose to ignore the anniversary.

I steeled myself to look at the paper this morning, knowing that it would be tough to remember this day. I looked at the first page, the second, the opinion page. All I found was yet another bad editorial cartoon and an article about naughty high schoolers on Zoom.

Fifteen innocent people from New Hampshire died that day. A pilot, a flight attendant who managed to notify ground control about what was happening, grandparents going to visit a new grandchild, a woman going to visit her sister. I only wish I could remember the other individuals.

Fifteen people of the more than three thousand that perished that day. I do not care about the politics of it all and could barely give anyone those details, but I know that there are 19-year-old young adults who never met their fathers.

One of the messages on the New York memorial says, “We will never forget.” Obviously, the Concord Monitor has forgotten and because of that it is the saddest day.




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