Letter: More liberal hypocrisy

Monday, November 13, 2017
More liberal hypocrisy

A true cacophony of ideology cascades from the lips of the left and its enablers in the press since the election. Previous calls for tolerance, inclusion, diversity by these self-anointed champions of pedestal goodness has all but disappeared.

The stage is set, the exit barred and their makeup won’t come off; we are seeing a true picture of progressives, Democrats and their minions in the press and it’s quite ugly.

They have become the folks they trashed for years, namely Christians who they demeaned for self-righteous judgment of others, lack of respect for those who see things differently and enforcing a code of behavior through shaming others. Things have truly come full circle.

All that’s missing is the Scarlet Letter, stocks in the public square and the dunking stool to complete their transformative evolution; a perfect example of cognitive dissonance, a cornucopia of contradiction.

The self-congratulatory elitists who celebrate their enlightenment possess the same character flaws, same human inclinations, prejudices that they abhor in others despite their lofty claim of broad-minded edification as the key to their superior awareness.

My grandmother had several colorful descriptions of folks like this but let’s leave it as “they put their pants on one leg at a time just like the rest of us.”

The next time a liberal, progressive or Democrat reminds you to be tolerant or preaches to you about hate or diversity, ask them to first take a long look in the mirror; a Snow White moment for sure.