Letter: Sunapee ski pass concerns

Published: 8/7/2018 12:01:53 AM

I’m not sure what to expect from the Vail Resorts takeover of Mount Sunapee operations. I spent an hour talking to Jay Gamble, vice president and general manager of Mount Sunapee Resort, on the phone last week. I wanted to verify my findings of the Epic Pass, Vail Resorts’ current season pass offering, to make sure I was not missing something. What I found was there are two basic Epic season passes: Epic Pass at $899 and Epic Local Pass at $669. The Epic Pass offers 65 ski areas and the Epic Local Pass offers 27 ski areas. Both will go up in price Sept. 3. Both offer various degrees of unlimited, unrestricted to limited restrictions, the particulars of which can be found on EpicPass.com.

What is not being currently offered with the Epic Pass for season pass holders is a midweek pass. Additionally the Epic Pass does not offer a 65-plus or 70-plus season pass for seniors. Currently, Mount Sunapee offers both a midweek pass and a senior pass for 70-plus (however, current ski area practice is to offer senior passes at 65-plus, not 70-plus).

This means that current midweek season pass holders at Sunapee at $399 will be forced to buy the Epic Local Pass at $669.

I am not against the Vail Resorts takeover; I just don’t want to lose the midweek pass and the senior pass that are ski industry standards. Please call or write your state representative and let them know how you feel about this matter if you are concerned as I am.



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