Letter: Moving forward together

Published: 1/20/2021 12:01:21 AM

Much has been written about healing the differences between our countrymen. Clearly, the believers in the Trump leadership will have much difficulty in reconciling their position with the actual and true facts.

To those who believe the election was “rigged,” I ask what they did about verifying the election process as the talk about rigging took place well before the election.

Did they volunteer to help at the election? Did they learn about the election processes in their state and city? What do they actually believe happened that can have caused a false result?

Unfortunately, some people were conned by Donald Trump and others who wanted to hang on his coattails.

It is easy to be destructively critical but difficult to be constructive. Let these people understand that they were conned and now have an opportunity to help to reconcile the country and move it toward a better society for all.

We have to work together to achieve that goal.

First we have to overcome the coronavirus and, however unattractive the suggestions of the CDC, we should follow them as they are the best advice we can find. Refusing to help others to avoid the virus is the worst thing we can do, even if wearing a mask is an imposition on our own freedom; it costs us nothing but saves others from harm.

It is not a political statement but it is a statement of solidarity with our neighbors and friends.



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