Letter: Music school a haven during difficult time

Published: 10/28/2020 12:01:42 AM

What a burst of sunshine to see, on the front page of the Monitor on Oct. 16 a photo essay about the “driveway choir” happening at the Concord Community Music School.

The surprise for many people, I suspect, is that for most arts organizations, as the pandemic has substantially shut down operations, the music school faculty and staff have continued to provide music lessons and to serve its many community partnerships in new and exciting ways.

Since March, when the governor issued the stay-at-home order, Concord Community Music School, after taking a couple of weeks to recalibrate and re-envision how it could continue its mission of creating lifelong musical learning and friendships with access to all, has been thriving, as its 50 amazing faculty members have worked hard to provide safe and effective teaching through Zoom and FM transmitting.

The success of these efforts has been seen in the continuing enrollments of students throughout the summer and now into the fall. Even the iconic student recitals have been joyfully adapted to remote recordings for all to enjoy.

With the pandemic still bearing down hard on our lives, and with social connections being so limited, mental health concerns become a reality for many people. Music can be a relief in times of stress, and the Concord Community Music School is a haven for those who want to take advantage of its gifts.



(The writer serves on the Concord Community Music School board of trustees.)

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