My Turn: Lots of life and death issues to consider

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Published: 7/8/2018 8:53:34 AM

Periodically, there is an outbreak of SCVD. It sounds like a sexually transmitted disease. The main symptom is a limitation of the cognitive ability to attend to and consider more than a single political issue. Its acronym stands for Supreme Court Vacancy Disorder and it affects liberals and conservatives alike. During the last year of the Obama administration, a Republican majority rigidly prevented a Supreme Court nominee from even getting a hearing due to an upcoming election. Now the same Republican majority is rushing the process before perhaps the most consequential midterm election in recent memory.

Democrats who have always prided themselves on considering a broad spectrum of domestic and foreign affairs issues are now likely to play the pro-choice card that threatens to drown out other crucial issues. Since Roe v. Wade became law in 1973 to protect a woman’s privacy in having an abortion, this has become the supreme issue that separates the so called pro-life and pro-choice factions.

The labels are misleading. Conservatives primarily focus on life during the nine months of pregnancy. Liberals tend to focus on life after birth, including universal health care, gun safety laws, capital punishment, war making powers, Social Security for elders and economic justice for all. Conservatives rightly raise the issue of financial restraint, that is until they pass record spending bills that explode the national debt. So much for sticking to principles.

Protection of human life from womb to tomb is a moral imperative. It is a choice that affects the life of others, not just ourselves. There are other moral imperatives to consider, especially this time around. Chronic lying on the part of POTUS, attacks on the Justice Department and the press, alienation of allies and cozying up to murderous dictators are political issues that must be confronted. Policy issues include not only life extending health care but mass shootings, an opioid epidemic, teen pregnancy, increasing suicide rates and environmental protection. These are just a few of the life and death issues that deserve equal attention during the upcoming campaign season.

(Frank Warman lives in Hopkinton.)

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