New Hampshire received nearly all requested federal help for storms, hurricanes

  • Warren brook flows quietly Monday Nov. 7, 2005 in Alstead, N.H. Last month heavy rains and debris blocked a culvert under the road that filled up behind the road before bursting and sending a 30-foot wall of water downstream. A month later, flood victims are upset with FEMA and town officials for the slow cleanup. (AP Photo/Jim Cole) JIM COLE—AP

Associated Press
Sunday, October 15, 2017

Communities in New Hampshire have received nearly all the money they requested from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to recover from major disasters including hurricanes and winter storms over the past decade.

The Associated Press analyzed a decade’s worth of data from FEMA to show how often it accepts or denies final appeals for disaster assistance. FEMA funded 7,248 projects in New Hampshire, totaling $142.6 million. Of the assistance, $69.3 million went to damage from storms, $51.3 million from winter storms and $22 million for hurricanes. Severe storms and flooding in 2007 were the costliest disaster.

There were no appeals to FEMA headquarters. Nationwide, the denials for appeals far outnumbered the grants in FEMA’s final appeal process, costing local entities at least $1.2 billion during the period examined.