N.H. woman contributes to album for animals

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Published: 5/30/2018 5:23:52 PM

Georgia Paris, a retired teacher from Goffstown, is one of the vocalists on a new album that looks to promote animal welfare called Harambe & Friends. The album by Lois Chavez features the song “Runs Like Thunder” by Paris’s rock band, The Strawkites, who are one of the 27 groups who contributed to this CD. The Strawkites are a trio with their members spread out across the Atlantic.

Paris, from New Hampshire, and Keith Symes and Jason Walker, who are from the U.K., formed their band in the early 2000s. The backgrounds of each of the members adds to their passion for the music they create and perform.

Symes grew up around his mother and uncles playing instruments, which led to him wanting to learn to play guitar.

Walker was in the army in Northern Ireland before he decided to pursue music. After being temporarily paralyzed from the waist down, Walker found that playing guitar was a way for him to express the emotions he couldn’t verbalize.

Their band is one of the featured artists for the CD, and the money made from album sales support the World Peace for Animals project, which supports animal conservation organizations.

Paris was involved in five different bands beginning in the 1970s as a singer. She recalled how she used to incorporate music into her lessons while teaching. Even after a career in education, Paris decided to learn more, which lead her to creating more music and revolving her life around taking care of her mother, who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

She said she has faced criticism for taking a risk and getting involved in things like starting a new band because of her age, but she was determined and that has led to a great sense of fulfillment for her. She has proved that with passion and dedication, anyone can reach their goals, no matter what their circumstances are. She went on to say, “never give up your dreams.”

CDs are sold on Amazon and featured on Spotify. Visit strawkites.com for their videos and music on soundcloud.com.

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