Letter: An Orwellian position

Published: 3/19/2019 12:01:11 AM

The toplofty so called “editors” at the Monitor penned another piece of overweening bafflegab, suggesting that those who choose not to vote should be “shamed” (Monitor Editorial, Feb. 28) The unexceptional editorial board unanimously approved this viewpoint?

We get it, in Orwellian fashion, the readership they overserve, Concord’s self-congratulatory corps d’elite and their progressive brethren believe that “shame” is good. After all, progressives shame everyone in a fashion reminiscent to the mobs screaming “WITCH!” in 1693.

Anyone not agreeing with their political viewpoints is some kind of “ist or phobe” and beneath the haughty, enlightened populace of true believers also known as progressives and Democrats.

The idea that lists of nonvoters should be published and people shamed flies in the face of what progressives were concerned about earlier this year, when they worried about voter information being used to prove voter fraud.

Now the proselytizer of progressive prevarication, the Concord Monitor already practices bellyfeel, duckspeak and promotes left-wing goodthink, why not double down on shaming and why stop there? Why don’t we start accusing citizens of thought crimes or facecrimes and, heck, if they don’t vote, let’s send them to joycamp?

The Monitor opinion bleeds into every aspect of the newspaper; nothing new there but we can be thankful that the deep-thinking editorial brainiacs have just their narrow-minded bully pulpit and no real power to enforce such a voting law. As they move their offices closer to minions of their true believers in downtown Concord, we can expect more dogmatic flapdoodle.



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