Letter: Save the flags

Tuesday, November 21, 2017
Save the flags

Many of you may not be aware that there are 107 flags from New Hampshire Civil War regiments in the State House in Concord.

Efforts started in 1989 to conserve the flags for posterity, and the flags are still waiting.

Some funds have been raised through the sale of collector’s edition whiskey bottles at the state stores. This, I think the third version, was appropriately released on Veterans Day. It’s an old-style bottle with an actual image of some of the flags in their cases.

Please consider a purchase as a portion of the proceeds goes to the flag preservation fund.

Contact your representatives and ask them what’s the hold up. I believe most of you would approve funding without a second thought.

All other New England states have preserved their flags. For information on the history of the flags and preservation efforts, visit nhbfpc.com.

Ordered to fall back, the Twelfth did so with steadiness and precision even though half its men fell on the maneuver. The deadly fire mortally wounded Sgt. Luther H. Parker (Hill), bearer of the Twelfth’s state flag, and killed Sgt. William J. Howe (Holderness), who carried the national flag. Cpl. John R Davis (Northwood) took Howe’s flag, but Sgt. Howe’s dead hand clasped the cloth of the flag so tightly that a 12-by-15-inch swatch tore loose and stayed within his hand.