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Lawmaker has big plans for tiny home legislation in N.H.

12-26-2018 6:00 PM

A New Hampshire legislator wants to make regulations more clear for those who want to build or live in their very own tiny home.Republican state Rep. Dave Testerman plans to sponsor legislation to clarify municipal regulation of the structures. He...

Train depot brought hope

12-14-2018 4:53 PM

By James W. Spain II

There was a time in the early years when the Merrimack River offered our ancestors a good life. It provided fertile grounds along the flood plain for planting crops and provided food to the hungry.Along the banks our ancestors found American Elm...

Granite State Brotherhood Motorcycle Club supports food drive

12-12-2018 1:31 PM

The Granite State Brotherhood Motorcycle Club Holiday Food Drive held on Nov. 10 to support the Epsom Food Pantry was a great success. Nearly 800 pounds of food as well as $570 in cash was raised. As promised, everything collected was delivered...

James Parker asks for shorter sentence for Dartmouth murders

12-07-2018 11:19 AM

A man who pleaded guilty in the 2001 stabbing deaths of two Dartmouth College professors when he was 16 has asked a judge for a shorter sentence.James Parker and 17-year-old Robert Tulloch, both of Chelsea, Vermont, posed as students conducting a...

Old local ski slopes, now long-gone, recalled

11-26-2018 12:30 PM


This year’s early snowfall has New Hampshire ski fans rubbing their hands with glee, but for a certain set of snow sports fans – the senior set, you might say – there’s something missing.“When it snowed, they’d make us all side-step up the hill to...

After succeeding in space, N.H. firm wants to bring carbon nanotubes down to Earth

10-29-2018 5:53 PM


After a company has seen its flagship product launched to Jupiter, been purchased by a multi-billion-dollar conglomerate with plenty of plans for expansion, and had NASA double down on its main contract, choosing the next step might seem a bit...

Nothing says cows like full costumes

10-10-2018 3:18 PM


The fair season is over, and the Highland Riders 4-H kids and their ribbon-winning animal associates can look back on it with satisfaction. I call the cattle “associates” because the kids don’t actually own them. None of the Highland Riders live on...

Missing for more than a century, Revolutionary War-era printing plate returns to N.H.

10-09-2018 8:43 AM


Nearly a decade after the state unsuccessfully pursued a collector in Minnesota to retrieve a New Hampshire artifact, the item has returned to the Granite State.With the financial support of private donors, the New Hampshire Historical Society...

Kimball Castle, long in disrepair, finally sells

09-14-2018 6:41 PM


The Kimball Castle in Gilford, a piece of history overlooking Lake Winnipesaukee that has stood vacant and crumbling for nearly 60 years, was sold to the owners of a local realty company, according to an internet post by the buyer.Patrick Starkey, who...

Conway teen held captive for nine months said she never lost her will to survive

09-08-2018 8:29 PM


Handcuffed with a jacket over her head, Abigail “Abby” Hernandez could hear the squeezing and popping of her cellphone as her captor attempted to break it into pieces. The man who had taken her at gunpoint and threatened to slit her throat in Conway...

Plaintiff says $275K settlement sends a message to DCYF

09-04-2018 6:32 PM


To the plaintiff, the settlement is no small sum: $275,000 paid by New Hampshire taxpayers after Ashley Rossiter brought a wrongful termination lawsuit against the state’s Division for Children, Youth and Families. But Rossiter says the message is...

Cape Cod beaches: Playgrounds for tourists, and young sharks

09-01-2018 8:15 PM


As another beach season draws to a close on Cape Cod, researchers are trying to figure out what’s driving the increase in shark sightings and encounters – including the state’s first attack on a human since 2012.One prominent researcher suggests the...

Former Concord High principal Gene Connolly dies after fight with ALS

08-20-2018 3:26 PM


Gene Connolly, Concord High School’s immensely popular principal who became a symbol of perseverance and courage through his battle with ALS, died Sunday morning, school officials confirmed. He was 62.Connolly was diagnosed in 2014 with amyotrophic...

Concord cemetery for mentally ill hidden in plain sight

08-07-2018 11:38 AM

Two recent comments by Geoff Souther were stunning in light of his background.Souther, who spent parts of 45 years working at the New Hampshire State Hospital, only recently learned that the big white cross – the one clearly visible from Clinton...

A bridge between New England, old England runs through Henniker

08-04-2018 11:14 PM


Towns in central New Hampshire have been turning 250 years old for decades, but few can count their namesake’s great, great, great, great, great, grand daughter as a celebrant.“It’s lovely. I’m thrilled,” the honorable Jane Elizabeth Henniker-Major of...

Swenson Granite is still quarrying hard but wants to do it sideways rather than from on high

08-02-2018 10:28 AM


Almost two years after being purchased by a Quebec firm, Concord’s iconic Swenson Granite Quarry has expanded operations slightly on Rattlesnake Hill, even as it starts reconfiguring its approach to tackle one of the paradoxes of mining.“The deeper we...

When seeking lost hikers, cellphone signals are both more useful and less useful than you might think

07-31-2018 7:23 PM


We’re all familiar with crime-scene forensics, or at least the TV version that is the central plot point for every single cop show, but I must admit the concept of cellphone forensics is new to me.Fortunately for a hiker who was lost for two days in...

Yet another set of hikers get stranded, rescued in Huntington Ravine

07-27-2018 11:31 PM


Another day – or, rather, night – another rescue on the “hardest trail in the White Mountains.” Five hikers were rescued late Thursday after getting stranded in Huntington Ravine on the side of Mt. Washington, without lights or gear to stay overnight...

Bedford superintendent resigns amid controversy over sex-assault case

07-27-2018 10:58 PM


A school superintendent in Bedfore resigned Friday over his decision to allow employees to publicly support a guidance counselor who sexually assaulted a 14-year-old student.Bedford Superintendent Chip McGee said in a statement that he decided to step...

A N.H. bridge over troubled waters is looking for an identity

07-23-2018 12:14 AM


At the Pumpkin Seed Bridge – a relic with a rich history and an uncertain future that spans the Pemigewasset River – a few seconds can seem like a long time.Jump from the bridge itself, a 103-foot drop, and three seconds take on a new meaning. Videos...

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