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Capitol Shopping Center wants to add restaurant, Starbucks on Storrs Street

02-20-2020 1:31 PM


The owner of the Capitol Shopping Center on Storrs Street in Concord wants to add an upscale casual dining restaurant and a Starbucks drive-thru in the parking lot where Market Basket, the New Hampshire Liquor Commission and several other major...

Bow power plant wins funding through 2024

02-18-2020 6:45 PM


The Merrimack Station power plant in Bow can stay open through at least mid-2024, as the coal-fired power plant has won another year’s funding from a New England program designed to guarantee future electricity supplies.The coal-fired plant will...

State worker files whistleblower lawsuit over child services

02-14-2020 5:11 PM

A New Hampshire state health department employee alleges the agency is failing to protect children and that she has been retaliated against for speaking on the issue publicly, according to a lawsuit against the department.Social worker Anna Carrigan...

Deaf community wanted everyone to see more during Super Bowl performances

02-08-2020 6:48 PM


Imagine if Adele was singing the National Anthem before the Super Bowl and the TV network shut off her audio, playing the sound of cheering crowds instead.You’d probably be pretty upset, even angry.Which is exactly how many people in the deaf...

Concord church restored to its former splendor

02-01-2020 6:30 PM

Renovations to St. John the Evangelist Church on South Main Street are nearly complete after months of intense construction, which for a period of time forced worshippers to hold services under a tent.Services inside the church resumed in November,...

Beefside bought by longtime employees as founders retire

01-19-2020 10:13 PM


Lisa Taylor and Jay Corliss will tell you they grew up at Beefside Seafood on Manchester Street in Concord.And in many ways, they did.The two started working at the restaurant 30 years ago, the day after their graduations from Concord High School, for...

Odd state law poses the legal question: Can you hunt rabbits while accompanied by a ferret?

01-14-2020 4:35 PM


Even if the state loses one of its more unusual laws, which says you can’t be “in possession, custody or control of a ferret” while hunting, you’re probably not going to be able to go rabbit-hunting with ferrets any time soon.“I’ve taken a lot of...

Pamela Smart to ask for another chance at parole

01-08-2020 5:06 PM

Associated Press

Pamela Smart, a former high school employee serving a life without parole sentence for recruiting her teenage lover to kill her husband in 1990, will once again ask New Hampshire’s governor and the Executive Council for a hearing, her spokeswoman said...

Ex-Loudon firefighter to serve negligent homicide sentence at county jail, not state prison

01-02-2020 4:23 PM


An ex-Loudon firefighter convicted in December of negligent homicide in the death of his childhood friend will serve his two- to six-year sentence at the Merrimack County jail and not in state prison.The New Hampshire Department of Corrections...

2019 Stories of the Year: Homelessness gets personal in Concord

12-28-2019 11:32 PM


Two contrasting expressions surfaced during our 2019 coverage of homelessness, illustrating the sadness and hope that can accompany this issue.On one hand, we found Allie Eckersley, whose father, ex-pitcher Dennis Eckersley, is in baseball’s Hall of...

Bill to license N.H. massage parlors gets the cold shoulder from senators

12-18-2019 11:00 AM


As national concern over sex trafficking grows, advocates in New Hampshire are focusing on one problem area: massage parlors.A number of massage outlets across the Granite State may be fronts for prostitution, victims’ advocates allege, citing...

Convicted Concord murderer denied parole after refusing to accept responsibility, show remorse

12-06-2019 3:58 PM


Seated before the New Hampshire Parole Board on Thursday, convicted murderer Clifford “Edgar” Avery Jr. showed no remorse for killing a Concord woman more than four decades ago and continued to profess his innocence.“I don’t believe I pose any risk to...

A ghost of a story behind hauntings of Ocean-Born Mary, in Henniker and across the country

12-02-2019 5:58 PM


Martha Taylor, the official Henniker town historian, believes ghosts may exist.Not this ghost, though. Not the ghost named Mary Wallace – once connected to her hometown – despite visual evidence to the contrary, shown on a recent documentary on the...

Former Pembroke Academy student must register as a sex offender after assault convictions

11-26-2019 12:16 PM


As part of an amended plea deal, a former Pembroke Academy student convicted Monday of assaulting female classmates must register as a sex offender in New Hampshire for up to 10 years.However, Griffin Furlotte, 18, could petition the superior court to...

Five arrested in Concord drug raid

11-22-2019 1:37 PM


Concord police carried out a drug raid on Manchester Street early Friday morning that yielded five arrests.Additionally, police recovered a car on site that had been reported stolen from Vermont.Law enforcement executed a search warrant and arrest...

A shop of custom creations comes to Concord

11-18-2019 10:48 AM


There is a corner of Paulette Boghosian’s store on South Main Street where customers can fill decorated bags with 10 cent Swedish Fish and FireBall candies. In another section, visitors sift through piles of patterned paper to make their own free,...

AP Exclusive: Abusive South Korean facility exported children

11-09-2019 9:15 PM


A notorious South Korean facility that kidnapped, abused and enslaved children and the disabled for a generation was also shipping children overseas for adoption, part of a massive profit-seeking enterprise that thrived by exploiting those trapped...

What are roadsides good for, except signs? Helping butterflies and bees.

11-09-2019 6:35 PM


Here’s one way to think about the latest effort by New Hampshire Fish and Game to support pollinators: It’s the skinniest environmental program in the state.The target of the program, which just got a funding boost, are the rights of way that the...

Attorney general warns of word game scam

10-28-2019 3:27 PM

Associated Press

New Hampshire Attorney General Gordon MacDonald is telling residents to be aware of scammers targeting personal information through the use of popular phone-based word games, such as Words with Friends.The game’s app is downloaded for players to take...

In New Hampshire, lots of firearms are bought but not necessarily used in violent crimes

10-16-2019 5:39 PM


Lots of firearms were bought in New Hampshire last year, putting the state in the top 10 in terms of per-capita sales. Yet the state’s use of guns during violent crimes was relatively low and the overall murder rate was the lowest in the country.These...

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