Letter: SB 193 and religion

Wednesday, January 10, 2018
SB 193 and religion

Legislators who wrote the voucher bill were off base because it violates the New Hampshire Constitution’s prohibition against using taxpayer money to fund religious education. Do N.H. legislators intend to fund madrasas, Islamic religious schools? I doubt it. But all religious schools are included in Senate Bill 193. I’m okay with madrasas, Hebrew schools, and other religious schools, but I don’t want my taxes used to pay for any religious schools.

There’s a creepiness factor in some schools that would be supported if this outrageous bill is passed. Most of the state’s education tax credit scholarships awarded to date have gone to students attending religious schools, with a third to schools that use the Abeka curriculum.

Last week’s Concord Monitor included quotes from Akeba teaching texts: “Even economists . . . have recognized that rent control, next to bombing, is the surest way to destroy a city.” Evolution: one of “a number of foolish errors (that) arose from the failure of scientists and other men to keep their thinking in line with God’s Word.” Seventh-grade history students learn after Adam and Eve ate the fruit, “now the husband would rule his wife.”

SB 193 does nothing to make private schools accountable for what they do. There’s no parental input once school choice is made, or at least far less parental input than occurs in our public schools. We have good public schools. Why help disable or dismantle them?

Legislators: Vote no on SB 193. We want to educate and produce capable, knowledgeable students ready to take their place as independent, thinking citizens. We don’t want a population that begins to look like characters from The Handmaid’s Tale.