Letter: Ignoring the nuclear threat

Published: 10/28/2019 12:01:26 AM

In less than three years, President Trump has ripped apart the nuclear arms control and arms reduction framework that has taken half a century to build and improve. The only piece still standing amidst the wreckage is START, now scheduled to fall in 2021. His administration has a nuclear weapons policy that openly promotes preparing for, fighting and winning what it claims will be limited nuclear war. At the same time, the $1.7 trillion nuclear weapons modernization program, projected into the 2040s, continues on its course.

Just this month, Turkey announced that if the United States pulls its nuclear weapons out of Incirlik Air Base, it will develop a nuclear arsenal of its own. If that happens, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Egypt will soon do the same.

If these trends continue, nuclear weapons will become a permanent institution. All hope of non-proliferation and disarmament will vanish, and nuclear war will eventually come.

All this flies in the face of worldwide demand for nuclear disarmament.

On Oct. 30, presidential candidates will start to file their papers for the New Hampshire primary. With rare exceptions, none of them have bothered to address the nuclear arms race to any substantial extent. Nor have the moderators or panels in the presidential debates, who have entirely ignored the subject. This neglect on their part is both disheartening and irresponsible. How dare they do it!

Under the circumstances, one can only wonder if our children and grandchildren will be the last generations of human beings to inhabit the Earth.


New London

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