Letter: The election of our lives

Published: 3/15/2019 12:01:17 AM

After all the terrifying reports about the hell the Earth will become without action on carbon emissions, and the rage I feel at Donald Trump’s embrace of the fossil fuel industry (Does he think about his grandchildren?), I feel some hope, surprisingly, over the coming primary season.

Climate change is a big issue for 80 percent of Democratic voters in Iowa. Here in New Hampshire, when we have our primary next year, I hope at least as big a chunk of our voters will feel the same way.

We can make our Democratic primary, and then the general election, a time when we finally take action. It will be the time when we heed the findings of climate science and ignore the deniers like Trump and the wealthy fossil fuel lobby. It will be a time when we adopt a sane environmental policy that leaves a livable planet for our children and grandchildren.

As I write this, Trump is crippling the EPA while putting together a panel of fake “experts” to give some cover to his actions, to throw science – like the grim findings of the U.N., our EPA and even our Defense Department – out the window. It will be bad enough to have to wait two years while the oceans heat up, coastal flooding gets worse and extreme weather kills more people while costing billions.

It feels like Trump really wants to make the planet worse. So first the primary, then the general election. We all need to work as if our very lives depend upon it. Because they do.



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