Letter: The importance of paid family leave

Published: 3/15/2019 12:01:21 AM

I am writing as a business owner in support of Senate Bill 1 and House Bill 712, regarding paid family and medical leave insurance.

My daughter suffers from a debilitating illness. She was hospitalized in Boston twice while I was working. I had to use all my sick and vacation time to spend with her while she recovered in the hospital. At this point her school felt that her mental health needs were not able to be met there. We then had no care for her, and had to scramble to find a new school. With no sick or vacation time left, my only choice was to take an unpaid leave from work. By then my own health suffered, too.

I can’t describe the pain that comes with having a hospitalized child, and trying to care for my other children. I so badly wanted to work and help my family financially. With paid family and medical leave insurance a huge burden would have been lifted from my family. My health wouldn’t have suffered, and I would have been able to focus on my sick child without the pressure from my employer.

After this I started my own company. We are small, but I want this bill to pass for me, for my family and for my employees in case they are faced with a similar situation.

I urge all lawmakers and Gov. Chris Sununu to support SB 1 and HB 712 for Granite State families like mine.



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