Letter: Paid family leave is not an income tax

Published: 2/11/2019 12:01:08 AM

Kevin Scully’s rant in the Feb. 4 Monitor is just too much for me.

Family and medical leave is not an income tax, although that is how some Republicans think they can stop the passage of this very popular legislation. Paid family and medical leave will set up a system where workers are able to take up to 12 weeks off to care for themselves, a new baby, adopted child, foster child or a close family member who needs assistance. The program will pay people a portion of their wages and it sets up a system to work in tandem with our unemployment compensation system.

Regardless of what Scully thinks happened last year, there were no insurers who said they currently offer this type of plan. What many insurers do offer, and what many workers have, is some form of disability insurance that covers only themselves. It is not the same as family and medical leave insurance. Having the state work with employers to provide this critically needed program is the way to make the program both available and affordable.

It may surprise Scully to learn that support for this program crosses party lines. That’s because at its heart it will support New Hampshire families and help New Hampshire businesses. This insurance – funded through payments from employees or employers (that choice is left up to employers) – is a benefit to the overall economy of our state.

The sky isn’t falling. This insurance will enhance our workforce and help keep New Hampshire’s economy growing.



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