Letter: Paveglio for state rep

Published: 9/30/2020 12:02:13 AM

Jen Paveglio is a 30-year resident of Weare who is ready and capable to work on behalf of all Weare and Deering families.

In reviewing the voting records of current Hillsborough District 2 representatives Keith Erf and Gary Hopper, I am not so sure they had the same interest in advocating for the towns’ residents.

Jen supports raising the minimum wage, but both Hopper and Erf must have felt $7.25 per hour was a sufficient enough living wage when casting their votes against it. They cast votes against paid family and medical leave, showing insensitivity toward parents having to choose between income and caring for a loved one.

Our daughter is a single parent; losing extended time at work for a child’s serious illness would be financially devastating for her. Jen understands the long-range benefits for everyone with COVID-related restrictions in place, whereas Erf and Hopper voted against employer requirements to protect their employees during the pandemic, and they voted against absentee ballots for COVID-related concerns.

Apparently the two representatives are on the side of health insurers charging exorbitant prices for insulin because they voted against capping payments at $100. Jen understands the concerns of her fellow residents and would consider their needs.

If you want a representative who will not blindly vote no on all bills that would increase the quality of life in its residents, then you have that person in Jen Paveglio.



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