Letter: Listen to the people of Pembroke

Published: 7/11/2019 9:07:00 AM

Aw, shucks. As one of the country bumpkins in the town of Pembroke, I think I do know the difference between a chicken, pig farm or a housing development (Monitor front page, July 8).

I am not a traffic expert, but I bet if you stand on the corner of Fourth Range Road and Pembroke Hill Road on the first day of school you might see a lot more than one car. The developer states the Pembroke boards were very welcoming. Maybe the developers should be told of the wishes of the residents on the opening of class VI roads, as is stated in the town master plan. We elect these officials to represent the wishes of the taxpayers of the town. Every one of us who signs that tax check every six months own the class VI roads. We are the town.

On something as controversial as this, the select board could allow the people to vote their wishes. That seems to me to be the fairest way.



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