School supply drive overwhelms Suncook funeral home

  • Matt and Katie Roan pack up donations from their school supply drive Aug. 22 at Petit-Roan Funeral Home in Suncook.

  • The school supply drive donations. Courtesy

  • Matt and Katie Roan pack up donations from their school supply drive on Wednesday, Aug. 22, 2018, at Petit-Roan Funeral Home in Suncook. The supplies were split down the middle and delivered to Allenstown Elementary School and Pembroke Village School the following day. NICK UPTON—Monitor staff

Monitor staff
Published: 8/28/2018 5:28:31 PM

A Suncook funeral home was an unexpected site of optimism last week after the owners found themselves so inundated with notebooks, pens, protractors and a single stapler that they had to cordon off a room just to get handle on the heaping piles of elementary school essentials.

But if you ask Matt Roan of Petit-Roan Funeral Home, the results of the school supply drive were a surprise, but the energy behind them wasn't.

“We wanted to stir up the spirit of the town,” he said. “But the outpouring has been overwhelming, to say the least.”

The call for school supplies put out by Matt and his wife, Katie, brought in 1,560 pencils, 189 packages of crayons, 217 glue sticks, 16 backpacks and one solitary stapler, to name a few items on the list. The supplies were divvied up between Allenstown Elementary School and Pembroke Village School, and they were dropped off at each school Thursday, Aug. 23.

The Roans said the idea for the school supply drive was spurred by similar effort at a funeral home in Portland, Maine. But Matt was very clear on why they decided to bring the idea to Suncook.

“Make sure you put in there that this was my wife's idea,” he said.

And while they split the supplies right down the middle between the two schools, the answer to one burning question remained: Who got the stapler?

Pembroke Village wound up with that pile, Matt said. But Allenstown Elementary got a sandwich box.

The final tally of school supplies collected by Petit-Roan Funeral Home for Pembroke Village School and Allenstown Elementary School:

137 packages of crayons

52 packages of markers

21 binders

12 packs of Clorox wipes

189 notebooks

67 packs of colored pencils

58 rulers

5 compass/protractor sets

83 composition books

4 rolls of Scotch tape

34 packages of filler paper

15 legal pads

217 glue sticks

264 erasers

70 pencil cases

1,560 pencils

3 pencil sharpeners

16 backpacks

3 packs of index cards

226 folders

80 highlighters

2 packs of Post-it notes

7 containers of hand sanitizer

260 pens

5 organizer bins

4 packs of index dividers

1 stapler

1 sandwich box

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