Letter: Please vote, millennials

Published: 11/4/2018 12:02:21 AM

This is an open letter to everyone who knows and loves a millennial. Although many discuss political issues on social media, according to news reports only a third say they will vote. Please encourage the young folks you know to get to the polls. Thankfully, in New Hampshire we have same-day registration.

Those of us who do cast ballots know that this is the only action that determines who has power over our lives – who decides whether we have Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid or takes it away; whether tax cuts benefit ordinary people or only the super rich and corporations; if pre-existing conditions will continue to be covered; whether anything will be done to alleviate the crippling debt most college students face.

And it wouldn’t hurt to let them know that one party is better for them and their well-being on those issues than the other. And in this country, regrettably, we have only two choices. Sadly, the “R” party their parents knew, a conservative right-center party, exists no longer. It has been hijacked and moved to the extreme far right and does absolutely nothing to help ordinary Americans.



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