Letter: Poetry and politics make a dismal combination

Published: 10/10/2019 12:01:17 AM

I have been reading the delightful poems of Daniel Patrick Moran, the poet from my town of Webster, whose work I read aloud to my husband, Harold. We enjoy Moran’s lively sense of humor, his intelligence and his far-ranging subjects. And we wonder why the Executive Council voted against his becoming New Hampshire’s poet laureate. Just to oppose the governor’s choice? If so, poetry and politics make a dismal combination.

And as for the N.H. Poetry Society, which thought it was their sole right to choose our poet laureate: What were they thinking? Did any of them read Moran’s poems? I have to wonder. We now own four of Moran’s many books of poetry. I turn down the corners of pages with my favorites. My books now have dozens of folded page corners. So many favorite poems!

Thank you, Dan Moran. Your poems brighten our days.



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