Letter: Mall story missed the mark

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

I am writing in response to the cover article about he Steeplegate Mall in the May 13 Sunday Monitor. My first question is, what is the point of such a negative article? Who does it help? How does it inform the readers?

I would venture to say that it doesn’t inform, that it reads more like an op-ed piece than a news article. Particularly because it seems that Ray Duckler chose not to do the most basic research. He failed to simply look around and see what has come to the mall. His mentions of the glow mini-golf course at the Mall of New Hampshire and the clearance sale at Bon-Ton suggest that perhaps this “article” has been on the shelf since then.

The most glaring omission from the article is the complete absence of mention of Hatbox Theatre (full disclosure, I’m one of the volunteers who helps run it). Hatbox Theatre brings literally thousands of people to the mall each year. Why was there no mention of something as new and exciting as a theater in a mall?

When Duckler mentions that Dunkin’ Donuts closed, and that Basil’s is the only business left offering food, he is also in error. Terrasini Pastries, a new shop – yes, a new business came to the “dying” mall – opened many months ago.

Duckler’s headline posits, “What’s ahead for Concord’s Steeplegate Mall?” There were some answers to that question, had he taken the time to look for them.