Chief Justice’s portrait unveiled at the New Hampshire Supreme Court

  •  Chief Justice Linda Stewart Dalianis (right) poses with artist Richard Whitney (center) and his wife Sandy Sherman (at left) in front of her official portrait that now hangs at the New Hampshire Supreme Court. xxxCourtesy  Brian Eddy/NH Supreme Court—

Monday, January 08, 2018

Retiring Supreme Court Justice Linda Dalianis will be keeping a watchful eye over the court even after her retirement.

Last month, her official portrait was hung at the New Hampshire Supreme Court, one of 20 portraits in the courtroom at 1 Charles Doe Drive.

Dalianis will retire from the court on April 1 at the age of 69. The state Constitution requires judges to retire at age 70.

Dalianis, of Nashua, became the first woman to serve as chief justice, starting in 2010. She was also the first woman to sit on the high court after being nominated in 2000. Dalianis also served for almost 20 years on the high court bench, as an associate justice and as chief justice, both firsts.

It will be up to Republican Gov. Chris Sununu to nominate her successor.

Richard Whitney, considered one of the top portrait artists in the country, worked on the painting at his studio in Stoddard. Funding came from the chief justice’s late husband, Griffin Dalianis.